Be "You" Tiful Meetup


A not to miss ladies event where YOU are the guest of honour


The Holiday Inn, Harare, Zimbabwe

With women challenging the status quo in a male-dominated workforce, are men receptive or antagonistic towards women who hold high positions? Are they intimidated and threatened by successful empowered women or are they supportive of them?How can women be a force to reckon with once in a position of power whilst balancing their responsibility of motherhood! (The work-life balance: A man’s perspective). Straight from the horse’s mouth. Ladies, come and ask these and other burning questions to our male panel of speakers.

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The Be “You” tiful Meetup

Be “You” Tiful Meetup”Thriving As You Are”02.06.18The Holiday Inn, Harare, Zimbabwe This Meetup brings together a group of women who are unique in their identities but who have the same desire and passion, to be successful and break the glass ceiling. Women who believe that continuous progress and growth is an essential ingredient to achieve…

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