Women empowerment has come a long way in the past few decades – yet there is still much progress to be made. There is a lot we all have to do to finally level the playing field in business, the workplace and our community. Our hope is that society soon overcomes gender-related biases, but until then the “On The Shoulders of Giants” mentorship program is there, designed to help young women take on the challenges they encounter with the assistance of their predecessors who also have endured numerous gender-related and other issues throughout their careers. Many have successfully navigated around these roadblocks and managed to rise through the ranks in the companies they work for as well as build successful businesses, initiatives or enterprises.
Women in leadership positions in business, in companies, in the arts sector and in civic leadership will be offering guidance to young females who are green-horns in their careers or businesses. The program will present a meeting point for women who have specific skills and knowledge (mentors) and (protégés) who want the same skills and advantages to move up in their work and life. Some people naturally find mentors in whatever field that they are in but not everyone is so fortunate hence why we have created this platform. We believe in the mantra “alone you may run fast, but together we will run far”.
Additionally, GoGetter Movement will be offering unique networking opportunities structured around quarterly events that will be facilitated in the period. It will vary from social events with mentors and mentees to professional presentations and/ individual sessions.


  • To help in bringing light to questions young women may have regarding, but not limited to work culture, work-life balance, and how they can position themselves for success.
  • Enhancing confidence, competence, connections for young female leaders.
  • The program serves as an opportunity to network with other talented women and give insights into what it means to be a successful female leader.
  • Ensuring the highest caliber of mentorship pairings and relevant discussion topics to shape the overall experience and success of the program.
  • Nurturing wholesome leaders who are not only meant to excel as individuals but also transform their communities in practical ways.
  • To create a rich platform for knowledge, skills transfer, and networking opportunities for young women in different industries.