Trish Hakata (Founder)

Trish Hakata is a personal development guide and inspirational speaker who describes herself as a “projector”. She is the Project Director of Campus Community Foundation, that proffers solutions for challenges faced by university students all over Zimbabwe through specific projects such as the Mentorship Programme, which was endorsed by the government of Zimbabwe and adopted at the AU summit in 2017. Trish was selected as a champion and hero of the Economic and Empowerment Revolution in Zimbabwe.

She also got selected as one of the 15 outstanding young people under 30 who got nominated for the AIM (Acceleration Incubation Mentorship) program sponsored by the World Bank in 2016. She is a member of the Global Shapers Harare Hub, an initiative of the World Economic Forum and a member of Toastmasters International.


Personal Development Consultant

Ruramai Mataranyika is a brand strategist and creative designer who has a passion to creatively communicate and express brand ideas through photography, design, and film. He has vast experience in human capital investment through Higherlife Foundation as a Scholarship & Uniforms Project coordinator, designer, and mentor. He has also assisted numerous African entrepreneurs to creatively and strategically package their ideas for sustainable profitability.

He has creatively designed the brand theme for

  • the 2018 edition of the Nexus African Conference,
  • the winning Startup at the Stamford Innovation Weekend 2018, USA,
  • Higherlife Foundation’s 20th Anniversary

He is also the winner of the September British Film Shorts 2017. Ruramai is married and has one daughter