Trish Hakata Gurura - Founder/CEO

Trish Hakata is a personal development guide and inspirational speaker who describes herself as a “projector”. She is the Project Director of Campus Community Foundation, that proffers solutions for challenges faced by university students all over Zimbabwe through specific projects such as the Mentorship Programme, which was endorsed by the government of Zimbabwe and adopted at the AU summit in 2017. Trish was selected as a champion and hero of the Economic and Empowerment Revolution in Zimbabwe. She also got selected as one of the 15 outstanding young people under 30 who got nominated for the AIM (Acceleration Incubation Mentorship) program sponsored by the World Bank in 2016. She is a member of the Global Shapers Harare Hub, an initiative of the World Economic Forum and a member of Toastmasters International.

Audrey Simbiso Chidawanyika

Audrey Simbiso Chidawanyika - Co-Founder and Programs Director

Audrey has over 7 years of experience as a Development Strategist. She has worked with several organizations in the business and community development space as a Design Thinking Strategist, Lean Six Sigma Expert and Management Consultant. She holds 25 CEUs in Master of Business Administration from Clark Atlanta University, Georgia in the United States. She also holds a BSC. Hons. Tourism and Hospitality Management from the University of Zimbabwe. Audrey is also Founder and MSMEs Growth Strategist at Simbiso Jumpstart Initiative. She is also Founder and Community Manager at Zipporah Professionals Network. Audrey is the Country Leader for Project Girls 4 Girls Zimbabwe, a Harvard University initiative advocating for the empowerment of girls to take up leadership in society. She is a Managing Partner at Mkaziprenuer, an organisation that empowers and capacitates female run businesses. Audrey is a Mandela Washington Fellow and was recognized as the 2020 Enactus Zimbabwe Alumni of the Year. She is a 2020 honouree of Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP), an award initiative for outstanding community leaders run by Junior Chamber International Zimbabwe.

Ruramai Mataranyika

Ruramai Mataranyika - Creative Director

Ruramai Mataranyika is a brand strategist and creative designer who has a passion to creatively communicate and express brand ideas through photography, design and film. He has vast experience in human capital investment through Higherlife Foundation as a Scholarship & Uniforms Project coordinator, designer and mentor. He has also assisted numerous African entrepreneurs to creatively and strategically communicate and execute their ideas for sustainable profitability.
Of note he was the lead in the brand design for the 2018 edition of the Nexus African Conference, 2018 Innovate Elevate Youth Conference, African Philanthropy Forum 2019 March Edition, 2019 Zimbabwe Youth Indaba, Youths Combating Neglected tropical Diseases brand, 2020 Masawara Leadership Summit, Ashesi University Fundraising 2020 Campaign, And especially being part of the winning Startup at the 2018 Stamford Innovation Weekend, USA. He is also the winner of the September British Film Shorts 2017. Ruramai is married and has two daughters.

Kudzanai Chimhanda

Kudzanai Chimhanda - Head of Communications

Kudzanai Chimhanda is a researcher, digital communication enthusiast and volunteer at heart. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Economics, she is passionate about action-oriented research that nurtures home-grown solutions. Beyond the research scope, she is passionate about the environment, mentoring peers and the power of social media to bring together idea sharing. She aspires to influence and motivate my peers within and beyond my interactive working space so that they contribute positive change; while building her professional portfolio. She brings to the table an inquisitive mind, an eye for perfection and dedication to learn more beyond her scope.

Chidochemoyo Nemhara

Chidochemoyo Nemhara - Projects Manager

Chidochemoyo Nemhara is a seasoned Customer Service, Account & Sales Executive. Apart from food, Chido lives to see women do well in all areas of their lives specifically regarding emotional and mental wellness and obviously in their enterprises. She dreams, believes in and is working to build and improve communities through different women empowering programs and initiatives. This gogetter founded Verified WOMAN an org helping women to deal with issues that can be summed up in identity crises and depression.

Chiedza Chikosi-Imbayarwo

Chiedza Chikosi-Imbayarwo - Projects Coordinator

Chiedza is a self-driven young lady who strives for excellence in all she does. Diligent and thorough in all the work she does. Chiedza obtained a Bachelor of Law Honours Degree (LLBS) from the University of Zimbabwe in December 2020. She competed and excelled in several moot competitions during her time in college. Miss Chikosi is an aspiring Corporate Secretary. She is passionate about humanitarian work and human development. Her passion has led her to take part in several initiatives centred around growth in communities. Chiedza in 2016 was one of the speakers that presented before the Rotary International President, during his visit in Zimbabwe, where she presented on a project in which her interact club had funded a borehole project in her school.

Natasha Karuma

Natasha Karuma - Communications Assistant

Natasha Karuma is a young lady pursuing an Honors Degree while majoring in International Relations. She subscribes to the notion that we are called to change the world,which probably explains her aspirations and what she is passionate about. She aspires to be a phenomenal woman, someone that young people can look up to, a walking icon, a role model. She is passionate about empowering young girls and humanitarian work and believes there is need for more spaces where young minds can discuss groundbreaking conversations. She loves anything skin care related and voluntary work.